Episciences, Inc. integrates 20+ years of research into the development of a highly effective, non-prescription dermatological product line called Epionce. Epionce is a comprehensive and innovative skin wellness line designed to optimize the skin’s appearance and health by working at the core of the skin’s own protective and reparative systems.

Restore the Power of Your Skin Barrier

Most skin care products are topical solutions that remain on the skin surface providing no real therapeutic benefit. Epionce delivers a blend of active botanical ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin, and strengthens your skin’s own mechanisms, helping to improve function, restore the barrier and reverse destructive skin inflammation. This results in a stronger healthier barrier that can help defy the effects of aging and disease giving you smoother, more radiant skin that functions at its optimum.

Clinically Proven Results

Epionce products are rooted in hard science and are not an over-reaction to skin care industry trends. All Epionce clinical studies are performed by nationally recognized independent research organizations and adhere to the highest standards for clinical studies using the finished, consumer ready product. The experts behind Epionce are dedicated to proving that Epionce is safe and effective.

Elta MD

eltaMD_logoEltaMD skin care provides effective solutions for all skin types to keep you safe from environmental damage. They feature a complete line of sun protection products, with nine unique sunscreen formulas that are hypoallergenic and sensitivity free to provide you with everything from a sunscreen for sensitive skin to one for oily/acneic skin. In addition to EltaMD sunscreen, the brand includes intense moisturizers and deep gentle cleansers that nourish and beautify the skin with each use. EltaMD products work to prevent sun damage and signs of premature aging, such as wrinkles, and are most effective when used as part of a complete skin care system.