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Exercise Your Way to More Beautiful Skin

High performance cleansers, cellular regeneration creams, hydrating serums, and of course sunscreen. All are important parts of our skin care routine. Now add sweat to that list. Yes, sweat.

Exercise is a vital ingredient in keeping our skin supple and young, and should be an important part of your beauty regime. From increased blood flow to creating substances that slow the aging process the benefits of exercise for the skin are many.

Dr. Nonweiler is a firm believer in staying physically active. An avid exerciser herself, she has competed in several Ironman Triathlons. She believes exercise not only helps us look and feel good physically, it also helps us feel better mentally by relieving stress and adding balance to our busy, overscheduled lives.

Check out this WebMD article for even more information on the many ways exercise benefits our skin. And if you exercise outdoors, don’t forget the sunscreen.